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AKSI Lasting Bond

We formulated this eyelash adhesive to be your partner in wearing our AKSI lashes.

What sets this eyelash glue apart from other glues on the market are listed below:

  •  latex free ~ which means its safe for those who have sensitive eyes. Lets face it, majority of eyelash glues are made out of latex, even the famous eyelash glue brands we know. Some of us have sensitive skin and mostly latex is what causing the allergic. Knowing that there is no latex ingredient in AKSI Lasting Bond, you can have a piece of mind that it wont make your eyes balls out. No drama needed on our eyes!
  • dries clear ~ the glue goes transparent when its dry. Whether you are an expert or a newbie in putting lashes on, because the glue goes transparent, it wont leave any marks when you make few flaws on your attempt to putting the lashes on. No traces on your eyes! Love!
  • all day hold ~ you don't have to worry about the edge of your lashes poking out or falling off or other lashes drama (yes please), because with only thin layer applied, this glue is going to hold your lashes all day long! 
  • fine packaging ~ don't we all love a good packaging on a good product? AKSI Lasting Bond has it all. With glass bottle, and thin brush applicator, everything you need to make putting on lashes easier. So you have more time on being awesome! 

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