Our Products

All AKSI products are premium and made from high quality materials. 

Eyelashes in Luxe Collection are made from 100% synthetic mink fur, handmade with love, reusable, and cruelty free. You will know and feel the difference with these collection. Mink hair has been known for luxury and the 3D effect on eyes. Eyelashes in this collection can be worned for up to 25 times with proper care. (see our caring tips on “how to” sections). 

Eyelashes in Classic Collection are made from 100% premium sterilized human hair, handmade with love, and reusable. So natural and comfortable, you don't feel like wearing any falsies.

Magnetic Lashes Collection is a revolutionary collection which change the way we apply faux lashes. Eyelashes in this collection are equipped with quality 6 magnets in each lash, guarantee to be the perfect fit for any eye shapes, handmade, and reusable up to 30 times with proper care. 

Items in The Companion are the necessity products to accompany your lashes and beauty needs. Made from high quality materials only, cruelty free, and priced fairly. Love!