How To

How to "Put on AKSI Lashes"

  • Remove lashes gently from the tray with tweezers
  • Measure lashes against lash line and trim excess from outer corner
  • Apply glue thinly along lash band and wait for a few seconds before applying
  • Apply lashes along lash line and hold for a few seconds

How to "Remove AKSI Lashes"

  • Remove eye makeup
  • Rub on oil free makeup remover along the lash band
  • Gently pull the lashes off
  • Clean off all glue on the lash band
  • Store the lashes into the box

How to "Love your AKSI Lashes"

  • Always be gentle
  • Keep lashes free from excess products
  • Always keep the lash bands clean
  • Always store the lashes in the box

How to “AKSI Magnetic Lashes

  • Line eyes with magnetic eyeliner
  • Remove lashes gently from the tray
  • Click the lashes on the lined eyes
  • To remove, gently pull the lashes off and store the lashes back into the box